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The Site

Probably probably the most annoying factor for me has been the unreliability of the weblog roll feed facet bar widget.  It has been damaged extra usually this previous month than any earlier time I can recall.  There are instances when it simply fails to get the RSS feed and exhibits an error, however this time round there have been issues with Pinboard which had some inside points that brought about it to fail to generate the RSS feed in any respect and, then, when that was mounted, remained stubbornly immune to tagging posts primarily based on which Feedly feed they got here from, which meant the RSS feeds have been there however weren’t getting new objects.

This is what I get for utilizing a Rube Goldberg setup that requires no less than 4 companies to work appropriately and persistently. (And it isn’t at all times clear which one is guilty.  Sometimes simply instances out getting the feed.)

It received to some extent the place I added a standing widget to touch upon what was up.  I don’t know if anyone really observed that.  The facet bar of the weblog isn’t a fairly often used function.  I can see that some folks click on on objects from the feed when it’s working.  However, I think I’m the largest consumer of the function. (My clicks don’t get counted in my very own stats.)

Meanwhile, has given me a brand new metric so I’m going to make use of it quarterly to offer myself some new information level to submit about.

march in review the ancient gaming noob plazma burst 2 unblocked - March in Review | The Ancient Gaming Noob Plazma Burst 2 unblocked

TAGN – Q1 2018

Of course, as a result of I took that display screen shot for this submit earlier than it went dwell, this submit isn’t counted.  Add yet one more submit and one other 2,300 phrases or so and also you’ll be set. (That places my common phrases per submit again above 1,000.)  Or possibly I’ll replace that display screen shot after this goes dwell.  It takes a day for it to replace although, and I’ll in all probability overlook by then.

Anyway, I appear to be on monitor for 336 posts and 330Ok phrases this 12 months.

One Year Ago

EverQuest turned eighteen.  Now an grownup, it nonetheless lives in Daybreak’s basement and grumbles about the way it was the focal point earlier than all these youthful siblings confirmed up.

Blizzard formally introduced that StarCraft, even older than EverQuest, was getting a remaster.  We suspected it was going to occur, nevertheless it was good to get the official phrase.

Flying was unleashed in the Broken Isles with the Tomb of Sargeras replace to WoW Legion.

The Nintendo Switch launched.  But I used to be nonetheless taking part in Pokemon Sun on my 3DS XL, binging on the Alola Pokedex.  Then I had to determine the place the National Pokedex was.  It seems it’s in Pokemon Bank.  I hoped for a remake of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.

Disney shut down Club Penguin, hoping to drive gamers onto their new cellular app, Club Penguin Island.  Mobile is at all times higher, proper?

In Minecraft, the lengthy highway to the forest mansion I discovered was almost carried out.

In EVE Online I took a visit out to Oasa and again.

We received the YC119.Three replace that nerfed Rorqual mining a bit and gave us warp bubble decay amongst different issues.  Music was included.  A comply with on patch allow us to see our estimated area wealth.

Blog Banter #80 was on the subject of the CSM, one thing about which I has opinions!  It was a well timed matter because the voting for CSM12 was simply kicking off.  In the imply time Gevlon declared that CCP was choosing winners… although not CSM winners I assume.

We had a dev weblog about refineries coming to New Eden.  Moon mining was going to alter and it appeared like the top of the POS was coming finally.  There was additionally an announcement about altering PLEX, breaking it up into 500 items and changing Aurum with PLEX.  But not that free Aurum they gave you, although they relented on that after some outcry.

I used to be nostalgic for outdated ship fashions in New Eden and speaking in regards to the rigidity between grouping and solo once more.

And, lastly, we needed to say goodbye to our cat Oscar after 17 years.

Five Years Ago

Dave Georgeson of SOE mentioned MMOs ought to by no means die. A noble sentiment on the time, it rang a bit hole only a 12 months and 5 SOE MMO closure bulletins later.  Business is enterprise.

I received a seven day go to Azeroth from Blizzard.  It was good.  I had some enjoyable, however I wasn’t prepared to return full time but.

Meanwhile, Blizzard was saying they have been blindsided by the recognition of the public sale home in Diablo III.  They have been almost a 12 months late on that revelation.

On the same theme, EA launched a brand new model of SimCity, just about ignoring the plain expectations the franchise got here with.  I might solely surprise in the event that they discovered something from their efforts.

The occasion group was doing a little Rift content material as a 4 participant group.  This was the time of our lengthy hiatus, although we received a full group every now and then.  And when it was simply the three of us, we ended up taking part in Neverwinter Nights 2 as a substitute.

In EVE Online we have been chasing round Deklein, flying the Tech Fleet doctrine, and bagging a provider or two.

EON Magazine was closing its doorways, marking the top of an period in EVE Online.

EverQuest hit its 14 12 months anniversary, and there was some discuss in regards to the digicam view’s affect on the sport’s reputation.

I used to be nonetheless taking part in World of Tanks and had hit the 2,000 battle mark.  I used to be on the market with the KV-Three and the ARL 44.

I completed up all of the issues in Wayfaerer Foothills, which type of ended my time in Guild Wars 2.

Then there was the Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter marketing campaign, which appeared extra advertising software than funding effort, and which hit its quantity in 11 days.  Still, Lord British felt the necessity to stir the pot by declaring most recreation designers suck… and are lazy… and are inferior to him.  Then he claimed he was taken out of context and never simply saying issues for reasonable publicity.  As the month closed, his Kickstarter was wrapping up, however Camelot Unchained was coming.

It was introduced that Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings was getting up to date to run on fashionable machines with higher graphics.  That set me on 5 different older video games that I wished would get the same revamp, which I believe was extra helpful than simply declaring that recreation builders have to innovate.

Finally, I used to be searching for enter on some precise, actual world issues.

Ten Years Ago

I used to be once more ruminating about the entire “Why So Much Fantasy in MMORPGs?” factor, this time on the shores of chaos.

We began to see the top of the “Brent hand picks the information” period over at VirginWorlds.  The reign of myself and CrazyKinux was close to to an finish.

I received a Nintendo DS Lite and my very own copy of Pokemon Diamond for my birthday!  Then a duplicate of Pokemon Pearl confirmed up as effectively to finish the set.  On Friday’s I used to be searching for a balloon.

EverQuest celebrated its ninth anniversary.  A really good time line print of the sport was posted over on the EQ Dev weblog to rejoice, together with a video.

In Lord of the Rings Online some websites have been speculating about future expansions.  And then Turbine introduced The Mines of Moria Meanwhile, I used to be attempting to offer out some founder’s referrals.  I by no means gave all of them out and, at this level, I don’t assume they’re a factor anymore.

In World of Warcraft, patch 2.four was the newest end-of-the-world panic.  I used to be attempting out Alterac Valley attempting to get a mount, not studying that I wanted to get exalted fame to purchase it.  I used to be additionally racing towards a ship.  Meanwhile the occasion group made it to Shattrath after which hit the Blood Furnace whereas my spouse and her buddies have been ingesting apple-tinis.

In EVE Online I discovered that there was a cap of fifty days on manufacturing traces.  I used to be additionally attempting to interrupt up with an R&D agent and becoming out a brand new Drake.  We received a “log out” button with the Trinity 1.1 patch.

Official boards have been the discuss once more for a bit, as Marc Jacobs mentioned he wasn’t going to have them for Warhammer Online.  No, the Warhammer Herald (to be created in the picture of the Camelot Herald) was going to be sufficient.  Well, we all know how that labored out.

And, lastly, ten years in the past Gary Gygax left us.  We nonetheless miss him as a result of we nonetheless really feel his affect every single day.

Twenty Years Ago

StarCraft hit the cabinets 20 years in the past right now.  As I recall all of us went to Fry’s at lunch to purchase a duplicate the day it got here out.  You can purchase a remastered copy from Blizzard if you would like, or obtain the unique free of charge.

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Search Terms of the Month

high subscription primarily based mmo titles
[Pretty a lot WoW and FFXIV at this level]

bufn jita
[bufn it good]

transportable gap wallpaper
[I have a problem visualizing that]

everquest subsequent landmark emulator
[Oh dear no]

delta drive 2 fps
[Maybe you need to upgrade your hardware?]

mission gorgon meme
[I am not sure it is popular enough for that]

EVE Online

I used to be in for a few of Burn Jita early in the month and went on ops after I might, nonetheless it has been a busy month round our home and the time slot for regular ops, which frequently require setting apart a few hours even for a “fast” op, has stored me from being on-line a lot throughout the again half of March.  Other than that there was the considerably tepid begin of the run as much as the CSM13 election.  I’m unsure CCP thought by the outcomes of the modifications they applied.  It appears like they slowed the whole lot down an excessive amount of.  You can’t actually cowl a marketing campaign very effectively till there’s an official listing of candidates.


I’ve logged in a bit every now and then.  Minecraft stays wonderful for instances after I need to take heed to a podcast or audio e book that requires extra psychological consideration that your typical MMORPG leaves free.  Mining and constructing in Minecraft leaves sufficient bandwidth for me to take heed to Planet Money or the Arms Control Wonk podcast and never unfastened monitor of what’s going on.  So work on the lengthy overland rail line to the norther forest mansion continued.  In reality, it’s nearly carried out.

Pokemon Go

And, talking of video games that don’t take lots of psychological bandwidth, I managed to get to stage 32 in Pokemon Go largely by my persistence in taking part in for no less than sufficient every single day to catch no less than one Pokemon and go to no less than one Pokestop, giving me the each day and weekly bonus xp.

My present state of affairs:

  • Level: 32 (+1)
  • Pokedex standing: 294 (+10) caught, 335 (+12) seen
  • Pokemon I would like: Lapras, nevertheless it stays elusive
  • Current buddy: Pupitar; wants 4 candies to evolve, however I solely get one each 5km


With the approaching of Rift Prime I used to be again into “not Azeroth” once more.  And it has been fairly good.  It wasn’t the overwhelming nostalgia wave that hanging round in entrance of Qeynos killing snakes and kobolds with a mass of different folks can carry on… although it’s actually in Blackburrow or West Karana that I begin hitting nostalgia overload… nevertheless it was, and stays, good.  As I’ve mentioned approach too many instances, the zone Freemarch zone design is excellent.

Of course, there have been issues with the server.  And Freemarch is just like the Deadmines in WoW, and early slice of fine design after which the content material can range wildly in high quality.  But for the second I’m on board with it for one more month.

World of Warcraft

With the approaching of Rift Prime and a busy month one thing needed to give.  Play time in Azeroth was approach down.  I did log in simply sufficient to maintain progress occurring unlocking the final two allied races… I’m very shut on each… however in any other case I haven’t carried out a lot since Darkmoon Faire.  The subsequent Darkmoon Faire will probably seal the deal for my allied race unlocks, at which level it is perhaps time to set WoW apart to attend for the approaching Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion occasions to kick off in some unspecified time in the future this summer time.

Other Games

I did load up Shroud of the Avatar now that it has formally launched, and have been giving it a little bit of a check drive.  It is sort of attention-grabbing in type of a built-from-scratch new-yet-retro awkward type of approach.

Coming Up

Tomorrow is April Fools… however it’s also Easter.  Will Blizz be as much as its ordinary hi-jinks over a vacation weekend?

We will see if the brand new quest mechanics in Pokemon Go result in extra play… and extra pay… for the sport.

For EVE Online Fanfest is arising on the 12th.  We will see if CCP has something new to announce.  One factor we should always get is the candidate listing for the CSM13 election.  And possibly a date for that as effectively?  Am I asking an excessive amount of?

At some level in the approaching week my 30 days of Patron standing goes to run out and I must resolve if I keep on with Rift Prime or not.

I’ve put in an hour or so into Shroud of the Avatar, however I really feel like I might spend extra time with it, that it could be definitely worth the effort.  We’ll see if I discover the time and inclination.

I may also end up that rail line in Minecraft.

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